Revitalizing Regional Economies through Inclusive Employment and Skills Development


United in Diversity in partnership with Mid-West Development Commission and The Shire of Morawa is committed to  creating thriving regional economies by addressing labour shortages, promoting diversity, and providing customized skills development opportunities. We recognize that regional areas often face unique challenges in attracting a diverse workforce, and we believe that by harnessing the potential of migrants, we can revitalize these economies while fostering inclusivity.

Program Objectives:

Identifying Regional Labour Needs: We conduct comprehensive research and engage with local businesses, industries, and community stakeholders to identify labour shortages and skill gaps in our regions. This ensures that our programs align with the needs of the local economy, maximizing employment opportunities for both migrants and the community.

Tailored Skills Development: Our programs offer customized skills development initiatives that cater to the unique needs of both migrants and the regional economy. Through targeted training, participants gain the specific skills required to excel in industries with labour shortages, increasing their employability.

Language and Cultural Integration: We understand that effective communication and cultural understanding are vital for successful integration into regional communities. Our program organizes English lessons for Migrant Employees through Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) Distance Learning. Our Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, Tandem, empowers migrants to form cultural connections with the local community, engage confidently with employers, fostering stronger relationships and promoting social cohesion.

Partnership with Employers: We establish strong partnerships with regional employers who recognize the value of diversity and the benefits it brings to their businesses. By working closely with these employers, we match migrants to jobs tailored to their skills and backgrounds. This partnership benefits migrants and employers, leading to a more inclusive and productive workforce.

Community Engagement and Support: To ensure the long-term success of our programs, we actively engage with local communities, fostering understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of the contributions made by migrants. We provide ongoing support, mentoring, and networking opportunities to program participants, empowering them to contribute to their new communities.