About us

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure Western Australian residents from all backgrounds and ability levels, have the information, skills and networks to integrate, contribute and find a belonging in their local community

Our Objective

Members feel socially included and valued by the Western Australian community. We achieve this by empowering each other to share our knowledge and skills with the community around us

Our Core Values

Develop opportunities for all through:

  • Harmony – Frequent positive intercultural interaction
  • Understanding – To see the human behind the appearance
  • Support – We have capacity, but we need support to demonstrate our skills.
  • Inclusion – Belonging, equal opportunity
  • Collaboration – Working with individuals and organisations who are aligned with our values
  • Success – to feel valued by contributing , forming friendships

What are we passionate about??

  • Self reliance
  • Social Justice
  • Equality
  • Using existing skills to contribute – we come from our countries with a lot to give and we are willing to learn.