As migration becomes a global phenomenon in our present times, United in Diversity seeks to address its impact on the Western Australian community.

The core values of harmony, understanding, sharing, collaboration and success make United in Diversity an open-minded, multicultural and tolerant community organisation.

We wish to celebrate the majority Anglo-Australian as well as
minority cultures and subcultures: national, ethnic, religious, gender
in terms of diversity, age and lifestyle.

We believe that the only way social cohesion can be cultivated in WA
is by facilitating frequent positive intercultural interaction

United in Diversity is helping to create a platform for sharing and
understanding culture; and exchanging ideas, habits, and
preconceived notions.

UID collaboration NOT competition

UID - Where community comes together to understand and value each different element that
is a part of it

United in Diversity – Welcoming community members from all genders, races, nationalities
and cultures to come, have fun and celebrate diversity.

Showcase the immense talent and resources that migrants are to the community


Who we Are

UID is a Western Australian not-for-profit organisation founded in 2018 by Mamta Kochhar – an Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) lecturer.

We work with various Local Government Agencies – particularly Armadale, Gosnells, Canning and Belmont. All activities undertaken by our organisation facilitate frequent positive intercultural interaction to promote inclusion and social cohesion.

What We do

United in Diversity expresses solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This website acknowledges and pays respect to their past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and their continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices. We hope that people from all different parts of the world who come to call Australia their home affirm that custodianshi, culture and tradition.

UID’s model of cohesion has the following dimensions which we have adopted as our values

  • Harmony – Harmonious and respectful cultural connections, stronger relationships based on trust
    and respect; free of racism
  • Understanding – Understand and value each other’s culture, rights and experiences for cohesion.
  • Support – Support for all regardless of their ethnicity, language or religious background
  • Collaboration – Collaboration between all members of the community, community organisations and
    government bodies for institutional integrity
  • Success – Success for all through equality and equity

All UID Projects are an opportunity for community engagement because that is the key to Assets Based Community Development (ABCD)

  • Everyone has gifts: Each person in a community has something to contribute.
  • Relationships build a community: People must connected through positive positive intercultural interaction for sustainable community development to take place.
  • Citizens at the center: Citizens to initiate development.
  • Leaders involve others: Strongest form of community development involves a broad base of community action.
  • People care: Listening to people's interests breaks the patterns of apathy that arise from staying in your comfort zone or cultural silos.
  • Listen: Decisions come from conversations where community is heard.
  • Ask: Asking for ideas is more sustainable than giving solutions.
  • Inside-out organization: Local community members are in control.
  • Institutions serve the community: Institutional leaders should create opportunities for community-member involvement, then "step back."

Our intent at UID is empowering the community especially CaLD to have a real say now so that they can exercise that say over their future in the long term.

UID is an ambitious and complex project. Achieving its goals depend on the support and collaboration from concerned individuals and organizations.

Our Projects

Family & Children Services

Engaging and investing in local community and families’.

Youth Services

Services to inspire and empower the next gen.

Education, Employment & Community Support

Pathways to making communties stronger.

Services for an inclusive community.

Services for an inclusive community.

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